No more selfies, hire

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Recent scientific studies suggest that excessive “SELFIES” have been linked to various forms of mental illness. Want to avoid years of therapy and save yourself thousands of dollars? I can HELP YOU avoid becoming a Narcissist while taking countless sub-standard “SELFIES!” Hire me to take all your photos for you: Headshots, family, event/concerts, etc… For one good price, you get all the professional photos and will be spared from the grips of mental illness… THIS PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Jaymz Floyd Eberly of

Post by Jaymz Floyd Eberly.

Hanging out with Ginny Luke

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Hanging out with Ginny Luke after a killer show at ”Angel City in LA having a few drinks… What a cool place with some cool people. :)

Hangin tonight at my show w/Jaymz Eberly, photographer for @PeaveyHollywood! @Peavey @AngelCityBeer @jaymzeberly

— Ginny Luke (@ginnyluke) February 7, 2014


Lowrider Pimps 2007 memory

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(click pic to make larger) — Remember the good old days? When Lowrider Pimps was running strong? :) This was an amazing day! All these models came out: we went from car to car taking pics, tons of people following us, some took pics with these girls either in group or singled out… We recieved an award from Los Angeles County also, which I have hanging proudly on my wall.
It was busy, so there were many people running around downtown. From there, the shows got bigger and better. We went on to do a few classy pin up contests where I had some strict rules to keep it classy, I think 4 of these ladies entered into the contest also. There were lots of prizes and cash given away also and some great HD footage by Some special guests came out to judge too, including some clothing companies, models, etc… The crowd stood around and I was hooked!
I did about 7 other pin up contests 4 at Lowrider events and 3 at Rock-a-billy style hot/rat rod car shows in San Pedro, which were a blast. Now, I am here with all this practice. I could not have done it without the help from everyone! I sure remember those good days… fun times. Maybe soon I will put on another event… Some big things are in the talks as well as a magazine with all the interviews, photos, etc that we created. Some of these are on a few still are not even published. This would be really cool… an online mag company where anyone in the world could buy one online. We’ll see what happens… If things will slow down someday … Take care & enjoy.


I love these girls. :) There was Bombshell Frenchy, Miss Julie the Bully, Miss Tery sorry to miss some names but all were awesome! Most I still work with to this day… I take pics of their children, weddings, etc…  This would never of happened without the help of Ian Young, Gato and many others who rode this till the wheels fell off :)

Burlesque Gallery and updates.

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View a Gallery of mine about the beautiful art of Burlesque dancing…

burlesque dancing gallery

on another note…

Last night I shot with Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs and Harmony at a club and got some great on stage pictures and tons of women throwing themselves at him. Glasses Malone was also playing. When I got hired for this job, I had no idea how cool of a show it was going to be. I will put some pics up or check you do not need an account to see all pics in the gallery.

Arizona Shoot with Maritza Martini

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This is the beautiful Maritza Martini…  Click the pic to see more photos. I will be shooting in Phoenix, Arizona in Oct and Dec. Let me know if you’re around and want to book a shoot.

Arizona Shoot- more coming soon )

Come enjoy the 3rd Pin Up Contest I have put up. Are you a MODEL? To sign up, go to:

I designed the flyer, and took all the pics for the flyer too.  We printed 10,000 of them, so look around :) See you there!

1912 home I was raised in (red tub pics)

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kitty red tub close

kitty red tub close

So here is a pic I wanted to show of the model Kitty.  This shot was taken in a 1912 home with a red, lion’s foot tub. The special thing about this place is, I was raised in this home, and not many upgrades have been made.  I’ve been shooting in this empty home for a bit now, since my mom just recently moved out. However, it still has the power on for me. =)  You can go to and look for “red tub” folders to see a lot more pics in  this house. Also, I’m excited to say my blog has been updated and Ooh do I love it! So expect to see much more; especially if you’ve been coming here and wonder why there were no new updates  :)

Is there such problem as TOO MUCH FUN AT WORK?? I LOVE MY JOB

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8 Comments » Okay, all you people who like to laugh… I am designing this site so that it is funny!! It makes fun of Hollywood.  Lindsey Lohan’s dad, Joe Estevez (yes, from the family of Charlie Sheen and the rest of them, talented family),  and many other great actors that you will know as well!! Make sure you also see the ‘hosts page’ to see some Photography I shot recently of Michael Benz.  Check out the hand that clicks the button which I just put up a little bit ago – Then head to the second page of “Behind the Curtain” and find me in a zoot suit. Also, my name was hitting the silver screen -WHAT? Okay, so on its Opening Night of April 1st, 2009, this “Wanna Be Me” show went to the Beverly Hills Film Festival, and my name was in the credits – Yeah, yeah… I was listed as “Webmaster” but I am still proud, and I’m not bragging! Promise.  Last Weds me and Ashley over at (…another site I built for those Hollywood type people **) – Check out the films -Anyway, am I the only one who thinks I am having way too much fun working?  If you look around the page, you will see that I get to make some funny things up! The producers let me roll with it, and I have been – Let me know what you think. Jaymz is a proud “Wanna Be Webmaster” lol ** Make sure you scope out and on the film’s page, you will see me in their commercial as a photographer… Who would of guessed, right?! haha

Also, make sure you check it out soon,  because I have a bigger role in a great little film they made – I’ll have to ask if it’s okay to write about the film yet, since we do not want to spill too much…  Maybe I can get Ashley to write on the comments about it!  You can also see photography on the page of mine too. I love working the BOP!  Check out while you’re at it, which I just built also. =)

Exciting Hollywood Movie I have been working on

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So, I have been busy since last year working with a great group of people. I was on the set of Touched (2009) listed on my page I was doing ‘set Photography’ and other fun stuff on set :) I’m also doing their website for the movie and movie poster. Once the pictures are cleared for show, I will you show you! Some of the people involved won some awards as well! So when this movie comes out, it will be in the lime light…  Oh yeah,  and also I am in the movie as a photographer…  Yes, like always: First, in  the commercial and now this. I enjoy playing a photographer though, who would have guessed? …and below I might be doing a cameo as one also!  Let’s hope so… I have to beg them to audition me. Lol  Maybe I will break out my best Al Pacino impressions … Well, maybe that won’t help….

For now though, you can go to which has many of the same people involved in the movie I was working on. On this site I am Webmaster, for now. I just put some great little red carpet videos up too. It’s funny to see how some of these actors handle the questions they throw at them!

This year is looking great, thanks to everyone… =) Keep Positive people! Our country needs a little shaking up; so hold on tight, and it will be okay. I hope to see the greedy people step down, and that would mean some companies folding.  I just hope the good companies don’t go under…


Let me know what you think of the Wanna Be Me Site!

Talk to you later,

Wanna Be Jaymz

Danny boy Promotions

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Danny boy Promotions hired me to snap some shots of the cool bands he promotes, and they needed some extra hoods- So you can see me behind him right in the intro of the video below.  At first, I am behind his head, then you will see me looking all G’d out :)  Also, check out his gig coming up in March, which I will be shooting = Click here for Flyer for the show in the Valley


Emiliana Torrini – awesome music :)

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This is a new remix and new video.

This is my fav song by her!

Happy 2009 and what I am up to :)

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Here is a shot I did a few weeks ago, Happy New Year! I have been working hard on the movie set of “Touched.” I cannot wait to get approval to show stills from the movie, also designing the movie poster for it. There’s some really good actors in it! It is going to be a great film. Also, has told me about a new project they are happy to be starting production on early this year- so exciting to be working with them again. (well, it does not stop, and I love working with BOP!) Check out their website I designed and their stills I shot, as well as my cameo in their BOP commercial, which is on the films page. =) Mua/Hair: Grace Kim , Model: Emily Rose Grace Kim= Mua/hair , Emily Rose Model

Recent fashion shoot for a magazine

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Model : Hani k.                 Mua/Hair : Grace Kim               Location :

Burn One Calender shoot, end of day shot

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This is a picture of the beautiful Sarah Hunt which I shot Oct 25th for Burn One Clothing ( – look for my work on that site also) The day was fun packed! We had 2 shoots for their calendar, which I cannot wait to post later and send you over there to buy it! This shot was taken right at the end of the day…

Sara for Burn One Clothing

Van Stone from “Guitar Hero” shoot coming soon!

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Great shoot coming up with Van Stone Click here to go to there page
Scouting for locations for a shoot with Van Stone was cool, and now we have to set the final date….  It’s going to be a great shoot. If you don’t know of them and like rock and roll; or maybe  just like to make fun of rock and roll, you will like it! No one could not laugh and/or enjoy their music…  They are even featured in the “Guitar Hero” Video Game.  The singer’s  an actor who has appeared in  some good movies and music videos…and for your viewing pleasure I have posted them below!

I will post some images once I get clearance too !

This is the singer of Van Stone in GHOSTWORLD, Great movie!

…again in this RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS video. I love this video!

Here’s a video with him and with Scott Baio in it, in two parts. – $5 million+condo website I built

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Visit  Here’s a site I just built for a condo worth over  $5,000,000. Such a beautiful place… I enjoyed working on this making a smooth, simple flash website. But in this case, the Photography was done by an amazing photographer I’ve been lucky enough to work with for 8 years named Magnus Stark. Check out his site at : He does amazing architecture work!  In fact, when I first started working with him, he did a huge linking panorama for the Hilton hotel, Japan where you could see the movie with 360 views…  Also, you could click a door and walk around the building in the early stages of the “Virtual Reality” type photography, which I learned a lot about from him. Thank you, Magnus. =)

Another great site I recently created with Magnus was:  which is a huge, beautiful, historical building in Pasadena, CA. that’s recognized as a landmark. It’s also considered one of Pasadena’s most unique buildings. The “Castle Green” was built in 1898, and if you’re ever driving through Pasadena, CA. you cannot miss it!
Hotel Castle Green historic picture